Blue Rhine’s infrastructure comprises a well-appointed headquarters, spacious warehouse, state-of-the-art showroom and a large demo centre at Dubai Investment Park Phase 2 (DIP 2), the UAE. We have over 20 distribution centres in 6 countries in the GCC, including the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

In each country, Blue Rhine's distribution centres are strategically located to provide seamless coverage in the region. We export our products worldwide from our central distribution facility located in Dubai, the UAE.

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Over the years, as a major distributor, Blue Rhine has garnered a unique reputation of being a one-stop-shop for signboards, digital signage, printing materials, acrylic sheets, adhesives, aluminium composite panels, anodized sheets, backdrop stands, synthetic papers, and LED materials, among many others from prestigious brands.

Our product portfolio comprises an array of leading brands such as Plexiglas, Lexan, Yearlong, Astariglas, Intercoat, Philips, JHF, Fujifilm and General Formulation, just to name a few. We also offer a very successful range of ‘Rhine’ branded products of our own, that have been tried, tested and approved by our customers in the GCC region.

Warehousing Facilities

Our warehousing facilities encompass over 450,000 sq. ft. throughout the GCC and are designed to provide exceptional flexibility and scalability. They are equipped with the latest technologies that include temperature-controlled storage space to store digital media products and other temperature-sensitive items.

Our store and warehouses are equipped with specially designed and installed high-rise racking systems to ensure efficient inventory storage and workflow.

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Delivery and Distribution System

We ensure super-fast, reliable and accurate delivery of products. The specialty of Blue Rhine lies in its ability to deliver on the same day within 3 hours at the doorsteps of customers in most of the major cities in the GCC, if the order is placed before 3 pm.

We possess a large fleet of delivery vehicles, in-house drivers and transport support staff that enable the company to live up to its promise of prompt and safe distribution of products, adding value beyond excellence.

Our Quality Policy

We consider quality as an essential part of our culture and to our products and services. Since our clients always expect only the best from us, we strive to exceed their expectations in quality and delivery.

Our systems and processes are certified to high-quality standards, and we are firmly committed to ensuring that every task is thoroughly planned, and goals are well understood and achievable. Whatever we do, we believe that there is always a unique way to carry out the task.

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