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Dec 2019

LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ Sheets for Extreme Outdoor Solutions and Applications

LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheets for extreme outdoor solutions and applications - SABIC-EXTRITE-01.webp

LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet is a transparent UV and abrasion-resistant formable sheet grade. The sheet is specially developed for extreme outdoor weather conditions like sandstorms and high solar energy areas.


Nov 2019

Calculate Your Printing Cost Easily with Caldera Cost Proof Tool

Calculate your printing cost easily with Caldera cost-proof tool - CALDERA-THUMBNAIL1-01.webp

Caldera’s Cost Proof Tool is designed to help you calculate the pricing of a job more efficiently. It counts the number of pixels in the RIPed file and multiplies with the drop size of the printing mode selected, thereby giving you the exact amount of ink used down to the millilitre.

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