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Sep 2018

Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing steps up and gets the reward

Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing steps up and gets the reward - MEJET-01.webp

Our most capable introductory UV printer, the MEJET 2512 UV Flatbed printer from Fujifilm Middle East, is making waves in the Signage and Advertising industry right now with its exceptional performance characteristics. One of our clients, Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing LLC (a leading offset printer in the region), has recently added the MEJET 2512 UV flatbed printer from Fujifilm Middle East to their array of machinery.

Their initial intention with the purchase was to meet their growing demand for print works on PU (Polyurethane) leather for Diaries, Calendars, etc. With the introduction of the Flatbed UV, they are able to print directly on the finished product (multiple units at a time) compared to previous offset and roll-to-roll printing techniques where they should first print on unfinished PU sheets. This gives them the flexibility to deliver smaller quantities for their clients further increasing their leverage on increased sales.

Once the machine was in their premises they realized that they are starting to acquire distinct print works on materials like Acrylic, Foam boards, paper boards, MDF (Medium-Density fibreboard), ACPs, etc for which the MEJET 2512 Flatbed is known to dominate.

Their recent works include printing on packaging materials and paper cardboards, serving major clients like Jack Daniels and Chivas Regal. They also have significant print works on foam boards for packaging, Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase(POP) applications. The company is also printing on roll-up media fetching additional business and healthy margins.

A Bit About the MEJET 2512 UV Flatbed,

Being a highly capable introductory model, the MEJET 2512 UV flatbed printer series from Fujifilm Middle East is a hi-precision UV flatbed printer. It offers a perfect platform for printing on rigid surfaces like ACP sheets, MDF sheets and glass, flexible and even roll media, delivering near-photographic quality images for a wide range of creative applications.

It can print on a variety of substrates and sheets up to 100mm thick can be loaded into the printer. Compared to traditional Analog printing technologies, the MEJET 2512 Flatbed UV Series eliminates the need for many sub-processes which in turn saves time and cost (as shown below).

In recent years, there was a steady increase in on-demand printing, which allows for diverse printing in smaller order volumes to meet specialized customer needs in the high-speed printing market. With expertise in areas of inkjet inks, print systems, and industrial print-heads Fujifilm has built a capability in inkjet technology that is second to none.

MEJET UV Flatbed printer comes with CALDERA ripping software to profile different materials to get the right color required for a brand. Watch our episode below on MEJET UV Printer to learn more. Also, contact your salesman for further info.

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