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Sep 2018

Anand Joseph Delivers Keynote Address at IMT Business School, Dubai

Anand Joseph delivers Keynote at IMT Business School Dubai - asfas-01.webp

Anand Joseph, Vice President - Sales & Product Management of Blue Rhine General Trading, delivered a keynote address to MBA & BSBA students at IMT Business school, Dubai. He was invited to share his industry experience with students who aspire to become future managers.

Anand shared his thought-provoking and insightful views on the current business scenario of the GCC region and the wide scope of the Signage industry. He shared his inspiring life journey from being a student at Emory University – Goizueta Business School, all the way to the Vice President of Sales & Product Management at Blue Rhine General Trading.

He also explained the merits and pitfalls of being an entrepreneur and about creating value from ideas and creating disruptive innovation. This interaction was intriguing for students as they realized the wide potential of the industry. Anand explained how intelligent marketers stress modernization and how digital signage is improving brand awareness.

The global digital signage industry is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8.04% and is expected to reach around USD 32 Billion by 2032. In recent years, the global digital signage industry has witnessed rapid growth because of significant growth in the advertising industry. The impact of sign, graphics and visual communication is huge as the End users are from retail, healthcare, banking, education, transportation, and hospitality, among other industries.

As the Signage industry is expanding rapidly, Anand stressed the need for new talents to be a part of this incredible industry. Watch the full talk and the Q&A session that follows in the video below

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