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Aug 2021

Another Key Role of TPU Interlayers Inside the Bullet-Resistant Glass Structures: Managing the Explosive Energy

TPU interlayer

Many people still believe that the TPU interlayer used for the lamination of BRG (Ballistics Resistant Glass) structures is just an adhesive with good optical properties. But the TPU can not only work as an adhesive but also play an important role inside the BRG structures.

The elastic and viscous properties are the key parameters that can convert the TPU into something more than just a simple “glue”. By controlling and using these properties adequately, it is possible to manage the impact energy and distribute it inside the mass of materials in our favor. This knowledge and its practice could be an advantage for all the BRG laminates manufacturers.

The below photo report shows very visually how only depending on the type of "glue", it is possible to manage the impact energy through the structures. And consequently, the way to minimize the damage of the BRG structures.



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