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Nov 2019

DESARDI® - Premium Digital Printable Wallcovering

DESARDI® : Premium digital printable wallcovering - Desardi-01.webp

DESARDI® is a premium brand of digital printable wallcovering products that can be printed with large format inkjet printers. DESARDI® wallcoverings are designed to answer the growing demand for printable, interior decoration solutions. Blue Rhine has partnered with DESARDI® to bring Digital wallcoverings to the GCC market.

Wallpapers have been the best first choice of interior designers to add color, texture and patterns to spaces. DESARDI® has opened a whole new world of possibilities to bring empty walls to life with breath-taking designs.

Digitally printed wallpapers are opening new pathways for both consumer and contract markets. New printing techniques make it possible and affordable to customize public spaces and homes to changing tastes and needs of the public markets.

DESARDI® Wallcoverings are available in a wide range of creative embossing:

DESARDI® Classic


DESARDI® Classic is a series of traditional vinyl wall-covering products with a matte finish in a range of creative textures. The vinyl coated products are available with two different backings depending on the application. DESARDI® Classic is durable, washable, flame retardant, and has a high image quality. DESARDI® Classic is available with a paper-backing or non-woven base. There are 10 different finishes available in the DESARDI® Classic series



DESARDI® Eco is an innovative PVC and Plasticizer free wall covering range for environments demanding green and safe products. The market for PVC-free products is growing. It is easier to recycle and dispose of than products containing PVC or plasticizers. This range is designed to offer a more environmentally conscious alternative. DESARDI® Eco comes in 5 different finishes.

DESARDI® Walltex


DESARDI® Walltex is a range of high-end, heavy-weight textile wallcovering products. DESARDI® Walltex is Bio-Proof treated, a technology that provides long-lasting antimicrobial protection, making it the perfect choice for hospitals and other wall covering projects. We stock 2 different finishes of DESARDI® Walltex.

Get in touch with us to know more about digital printable wallcovering products from DESARDI®.

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