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Mar 2020

Meet the Next Level Corporate Collaboration With the New Philips C and B Lines

Meet next level corporate collaboration with the New Philips C and B-Lines - Meeting-next-level-corporate-collaboration-with-the-brand-new-C-and-B-Lines-01.webp

Philips Professional Display Solutions, the market-leading digital display solutions provider, has launched a series of dedicated collaboration displays for the corporate markets.

The new Philips C-Line collaboration display range brings new levels of engagement and creativity to meetings, with sizes developed to suit large board rooms through to space-limited huddle rooms, including 55”, 65”, 75” and 86”. Harnessing all the functionality and familiarity of a powerful Microsoft Windows PC, and with a wide range of dedicated apps and features, these PCAP touchscreen displays enable participants to play an active role in any meeting, whether physically in the room, in another office, working from home, or even another country, thanks to its seamless screen sharing capabilities.

System administrators can integrate the displays, using their embedded professional version of the Windows operating system, into the corporate infrastructure strategy, whether this is a full Microsoft environment (Exchange, Teams, Azure, etc.) or, for example, a Google implementation (GSuite, Hangouts, etc.).

“Collaboration has been a buzzword among businesses for many years but there has been a big divide between saying it and doing it. It's reported that the number of hours spent by office workers averages over 10 hours a week. Concerningly, a survey from Harvard Business Review revealed 71% of senior managers consider meetings as unproductive and inefficient and Doodle’s State of Meetings Report 2019 found that poorly organized meetings cost billions every year. This year, we’re helping to alleviate those inefficiencies with products that work to overcome the barriers and obstacles faced in meeting room collaboration.” Harold Niericker, Head of Product Management for Signage.

Bridging the gap for the smaller business environment, Philips Professional Display Solutions has also launched its B-Line range, available in 50”, 58”, 70” and 75” size options.

The new Philips B-Line is a series of Google- and Crestron-certified UHD Pro TVs, harnessing the power of Android and Chromecast built-in to provide the most universal solution for sharing content from your own device during meetings. Using the B-Line in meetings is simple as participants can use Chromecast to wirelessly and securely connect to the network upon which the B-Line displays.

This new range of displays ticks all the requirements from users who are looking for large meeting room displays with simple and secured wireless sharing functionalities via the widest technology available – Chromecast. In addition, with full access to the Google Play Store and with a built-in tuner, these displays can be used by employees during downtime, creating invaluable employee engagement opportunities.

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