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Jun 2019

New Philips Integrated Chromecast Hotel TVs

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Philips brings a brand new series of Hotel TVs with a built-in Chromecast and easy access to the Google Play Store, a superb combination for engaging your guests. Whether you’re running a hotel or conference center, this TV will bring a lot of customer delights. After all, shouldn’t their experience at your establishment be as easy and effortless as possible?

Philips professional Hotel TV gives your guests the freedom to watch popular streaming services such as Netflix, iPlayer, Spotify & YouTube on the TV. With Chromecast embedded in the TV, your Guest can easily share mobile content onto the TVs with a few easy steps. Moreover, the inbuilt Chromecast delights your guest by giving them control of their entertainment while continuing to use their phones.

Keep Your Customers Entertained and Delighted

The powerful Philips professional TV is a Google certified Android TV and has a brand new Media suit range. With Media Suite, your guests can directly access the Google Play store to download high-quality apps, including games! much more than any other professional TV in the industry. Also, Media Suite lets you install new Android versions on your existing TV making it future-proof.

2 Ways of Checking if Your Guests are Happy or Not

1) Guests review their experience - The instant customer satisfaction survey content option to collect valuable feedback before your guest has even checked out. You have the opportunity to get higher ratings on sites like Cleartrip and Tripadvisor when you implement the changes suggested by your guest on the TV.

2) Insights - you can monitor how guests and customers make use of your TV. This will help you saving costs along the way as you can find out how often specific channels are watched, how much bandwidth is used etc, and you can tailor your offer to the customers need

Philips Integrated Chromecast TVs are available from 32-inch in FHD to 65-inch screens. Get in touch with us to know more about the new Philips Integrated Chromecast Hotel TV suiting your requirement.

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