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Feb 2022

Philips 43HFL5114 MediaSuite - Impress Your Guests with Infinite Possibilities

Philips 43HFL5114 MediaSuite

Today, the needs of hotel guests have evolved and the leading brands in the industry are evolving with them to stay on top of their game. Hence, any time a hotel property undergoes a renovation, it’s intending to increase its brand value and customer engagement.

Likewise, one of our prestigious clients in the region, Ibis Dubai Al Barsha, went through a major renovation, witnessing a complete makeover of the property including the guest rooms and other areas such as the lobby, front office. etc.

The warmly decorated 480 guest rooms of the hotel are equipped with all the facilities that you could expect in a three-star hotel. However, the previously-installed TV screens were not up to date with today’s digital broadcast technology, lacking most of the present-day features like streaming services and smart connectivity.

Hence, to keep up with the trends in the hospitality industry, Ibis was in the search of the best available professional display solution in the market to provide a wow factor for their guests.

And, they chose to install the Philips 43HFL5114 MediaSuite, the LED full HD hotel TV which is exclusively designed to offer personalized experiences to hotel guests, just like the majority of Accor properties in Europe.

Being one of the leading distributors of Philips Professional Display Solutions in the GCC region, we became an important part of this renovation program by supplying and installing Philips 43HFL5114 hospitality TVs in the guest rooms of the prominent three-star property and also ensured to provide technical support and warranty thereafter.

The Philips 43HFL5114 MediaSuite

Loaded with a wide range of functionalities and designed for today’s fast-paced world, the high-definition Philips 43HFL5114 1080p MediaSuite is ideal for use in a variety of applications in hospitality environments.

Some of the Major Features:

  1. Powered by Android: The Philips 43HFL5114 is fast, versatile and easy to navigate, and are optimized for native Android apps. You can install Android apps directly to the display and the automatic updates ensure all apps stay up to date.

  2. Built-in Chromecast: It enables hassle-free wireless casting of movies, presentations and more from smart devices, such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc., to your Android-powered Philips Professional TV.

  3. Google Play Store: With one-touch access to the Google Play Store, it is easy to add apps, games, music, movies and more to your Philips Professional TV.

  4. Integrated Netflix: Netflix access makes watching the latest movies and shows from your account easier, faster and more convenient.

  5. Customizable branding: It offers a clear, easy-to-navigate user interface (UI), which you can customize with your own branding, allowing you to add your logo and colors easily to the search bar to increase the visibility of your brand.

  6. Analytics on Board: It helps you monitor how your TV is used and find out how often specific channels are watched. Also, get the information you need to manage costs effectively, with easy to access screen-time data.

  7. AppControl: It lets you install, delete and manage apps on selected TVs or your entire network, providing you with the ability to offer personalized experiences to your guests.

  8. CMND & Control: It allows you to perform vital functions like controlling inputs, updating software and monitoring display status.

  9. CMND & Check-in: It lets you use individual information, such as names and spoken languages, to create a personalized experience.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Being the sole distributor of Philips Commercial Display Solutions, including Philips 43HFL5114 1080p MediaSuite, we offer an extensive portfolio of commercial displays that range from entry-level sets to interactive hospitality TVs across the GCC region, including UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

Supply, installation and integration of commercial displays are some of our core areas of expertise. For projects of any size and complexity, let us know your requirement as we are fully equipped to provide you with the right professional display solutions that can make your projects stand out.

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