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Jul 2019

Right Display and TV Mounts for Optimum Viewing Experience

Right Display and TV Mounts for optimum viewing experience - Display-and-TV-Mounts-Article-Thumbnail-ART-072819-41-1-01.webp

If you want the best TV viewing experience, the right TV bracket is extremely important. You can enjoy optimal TV viewing when your TV is positioned correctly. A mount can make or break the viewing experience. A Right mount not only provides the best viewing experience but maximizes the return on investment of your expensive displays.

Blue Rhine offers different varieties of TV mounting solutions. Specialized Brackets for different purposes support & protect the display, providing you the optimum viewing experience while maximizing the overall investment.

Video Wall Mount Pop-out Bracket (LVW02-46T)

Video Wall Mount Pop-out Bracket is an excellent professional video wall mount, designed to support load capacity up to 45kg/99lbs. The mount Comes with VESA 600x400 hole pattern, which can extend out to 202mm from the wall with a pop-out function and quick-lock mechanism that brings it 60 mm to the wall. Video Wall Mount Pop-out Bracket has lateral shift brackets and built-in screen level adjustment for excellent display alignment and level, a perfect solution for public and commercial displays.

(LVW02-46T)-(LCD-201) Blue Rhine

Ultra-Slim Wall Brackets (LCD-201)

The LCD-201 Super Slim low-profile wall mount is designed to accentuate the sleek design of ultra-thin flat-panel TV. It places the TV just 15 mm from the wall. The two pieces design allows easy installation. It supports a TV weighing up to 30 kgs. Its strength has been tested for a minimum of three times its stated load capacity & VESA compatible with 50x50, 75x75 and 100x100.

Universal Fixed TV Wall Brackets (MF02-64F)

The Universal Fixed TV Wall Brackets MF02-64F is designed to fit any 37"-70" Flat Panel TV up to 40 kg. Its Super Slim design sits just 20 mm from the wall to complement the sleek look of ultra-thin TVs. Its open design maximizes airflow to equipment and provides easy access to the back of components. It also allows lateral shift adjustment, allowing the TV to slide left and right on the wall plate so it is positioned correctly

(PEC06-46T)-(PECO6-46T) Blue Rhine

Landscape Mount with Pop-out (PEC06-46T)

The Pop-out Extension Provides easy access for installation and maintenance. it has a quick-release latch that easily activates the lock and unlocks mode to secure displays in place firmly.  The mount is compatible with 40x40 mm/ 45x45 mm T-slotted extrusion pipes which can be purchased and cut by customers themselves.

The mount has the following features:

  • Lateral Shift brackets enable fast alignment.
  • Built-In Level Adjustment ensures perfect positioning.
  • Connecting wall plates makes it easy to create longer menu boards.
  • Anti-Theft Locking hole for additional security preventing any unwanted removal.
  • Pop-Out Lock System ensures safety by reducing the possibility of accidental pop-outs.

Installing a heavy, fragile and expensive piece of display involves significant safety precautions. Through experience in AV Solutions, Blue Rhine provides a wide range of specialized TV mounting brackets to fit your specific needs.

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