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Feb 2020

The “Nouveau” Digital Signage Trends - Reshaping the Sports Fan Experience

The “Nouveau” Digital signage trends - Reshaping the sports fan experience - Game-Set-match-thumbnail-01-01.webp

If you have been to a sports arena or stadium lately, then you must have noticed one thing - lots and lots of display screens that give fans up-close views of the action. Let's look at the Nouveau digital signage trends which are reshaping the sports fan experience.

Digital Signage has an enormous influence on Sports venues, you get to see screens in Ticket offices, concession stands, restaurants, seatbacks, causeways, VIP hospitality suites and even in bathrooms. The proliferation of digital displays in sporting venues has revolutionized the spectator experience.

Venue experiences play a pivotal role in Audience engagement. Digital signage technologies have enabled a smarter experience for the audience, through the amalgamation of specialized Hardware and software.

A Well-designed Venue Experience Comprises the Following:

High-performance Displays: Displays are the core element in fan engagement. High-performance displays elevate the spectator experience while boosting the venue’s bottom line through increased advertising revenue.

Smart Network Management: Endpoints must have enterprise-grade monitoring capabilities to ensure uptime and quick issue resolution. Campaign management software allows you to manage networks of thousands of screens in a simple and scalable way. The client or service provider can distribute, schedule, control and manage content centrally on networks of digital signage depending on the needs.

Rich Audience Data & Analytics: Audience data is only useful when it’s in-depth and actionable. Only then does it become an integral component of the design process. Across all segments and agencies buying digital signage for brand activation and advertising, performance data that mirrors what’s available with online advertising is becoming a top priority.

Every sports arena strives for an impeccable fan experience. Let’s see examples of how sports complexes are improving the fan experience:

One of the best examples of the trend can be seen in a recent partnership between Minor League Baseball in the US and Peerless-AV®, a leading manufacturer and provider of audiovisual solutions. Through this partnership, Peerless-AV serves as the “Official Digital Display Partner of MiLB.”

digital scoreboards

Peerless-AV technology is now planned for a number of areas in the arena such as concourse outdoor TVs, interactive kiosks, LED video wall systems, and scoreboards. This will not only contribute to the increase in engagement, but the ad placements will create an additional revenue stream for the facility.

According to David Wright, chief marketing and commercial officer for Minor League Baseball., “Peerless-AV’s commitment to be at the forefront of digital display technology aligns perfectly with our vision for being a leader in authentic fan engagement,”. “This partnership will allow us to continue making deeper and more meaningful connections with our fans and position MiLB as a dynamic leader in sport and entertainment.”

Philips Professional Display Solutions and the Premiership rugby union club Harlequins have announced a three-year partnership that involves installing a range of Digital Signage and Professional TVs throughout the Twickenham Stoop stadium in London, UK. Five videowalls and a number of large-format screens are now prominent in the bar and lounge areas, while each of the boxes now boasts a MediaSuite 4K UHD TV. Displays have also been installed in the reception areas, media suite and also in the changing and physio rooms.

Arena Fixed screens

According to Alex Goldschmidt, commercial director at Harlequins, “We are delighted that Phillips Professional Display Solutions has come on board as our Official Display Supplier. The delivery of an outstanding matchday remains at the forefront of our minds and the new range of high-definition screens will integrate state-of-the-art technology into our already iconic Home, enhancing the experience for all who come to The Stoop. We are excited to be working closely with the team as we continue to modernize and enhance our Home, through the provision of best-in-class facilities across both our matchday and non-matchday offerings.”

As a leading distributor of Philips professional displays and Peerless-AV in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia, Blue Rhine has a number of solutions to bring new strength to the viewing and fan experience. Browse our extensive range of visual engagement solutions for arenas & stadiums, or contact us now to get expert advice for your next project.


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