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Jotun Paints Gets Smart LED Lighting

Jotun Paints gets smart LED Lighting - Blue Rhine


Jotun Paints gets smart LED Lighting.

Project: Save Energy and Maintenance Costs of the Free-Standing Billboard.

The Brief

Jotun Powder Coating LLC needed to replace the existing fluorescent tubes in their 3-side unipole rectangular free-standing billboard and decided to invest in our energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly AC LED Bars. Unipoles are large-format billboards that are placed on top of very high poles. Their effectiveness is proven to show significant results because of their long-distance visibility. Using fluorescent tube lights on such billboards leads to high maintenance costs.

Previously, around 270 tubes of 40W each, were used to illuminate the billboard. The company wanted to reduce the power usage and get a higher lux level. For this requirement, Al Fahim Advertising boards designers contacted Blue Rhine and 216 energy-efficient, 120cm AC LED bars of 11w each, were used for this project.

The Solution

AC LED Bars are best suited for retrofitting traditional light boxes or even in brand new light boxes and signs. Al Fahim Advertising replaced the florescent tube lights to our AC LED bar in the lightbox (size(H)2.1m x (L)7mtr, 3 panels total (L)21mtr x (H)2.1mtr X (D)30cm). 12 lines of ac led bar, horizontally from top to bottom were used and each bar has 17.5cm gap. The AC LED Bars have a waterproof rating of IP66 with LED bars integrated with PC tubes.

This was important as each time they change the flex in the light boxes, 10-20% of the fluorescent tubes were failing at regular intervals and the cost of replacement in billboards was extremely high. Also replacing the damaged tube lights every time was time-consuming and involved high risk and cost, especially for replacing tubes in free-standing billboards. The built-in power drivers save additional costs as compared to other LED light sources that need external drivers. The 5-year warranty from Blue Rhine means only flex would be replaced in the future, and not the light source.

The Results Compared to the Previous Lighting


  • Low power consumption, a saving of 78% on power.
  • 5 years warranty on the AC LED bars as compared to no warranty on tubes.
  • Less maintenance cost & life of 50,000 hrs.
  • Fewer luminaries installed than before.
  • Uniform lighting on the surface, unlike fluorescent tubes that produce many dark shades on the surface.


Analysis of Annual Cost Savings After Using AC LED Bars

Return on Investment – 9.2 Months.