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  Aslan- Expertise in self-adhesive films

  Aslan- Expertise in self-adhesive films


The German manufacturer of self-adhesive products, Aslan brings a comprehensive product range for highly diverse markets. The self-adhesive films have a wide range of application such sign making, digital printing, painting and spraying, sandblasting, architecture & interior design, offices, lamp shade production, book protection and repair, arts and crafts, industrial applications and contract coating.

As a distributor of Aslan in the GCC region, Blue Rhine offers excellent self-adhesive products, now available on our web-store.

Some of the amazing  Aslan self-adhesive products are :

The Metal effect film comes with several polished and brushed effects. It is perfect for creating outstanding plotted lettering, logos and designs as well as full-surface decorations of signs, glass surfaces and other smooth surfaces. With identical color effects on both sides, Metal Effect ASLAN CA 23 is ideal for use on transparent surfaces. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The metal effect film is available in polished silver, gold, copper and rose gold as well as in brushed copper, aluminium, gold and stainless steel.

Mirror Effect Ant Scratch ASLAN SE 75 is a high-quality self-adhesive film offers a striking, extremely high-gloss mirror effect. Applied to a flat surface, the film acts like a mirror, providing crystal clear reflections and making rooms appear bigger and brighter. The film surface is highly scratch-resistant, making sure the brilliant mirror effect is retained in the long term. A special feature of this polyester film is that the mirror effect is identical on both sides, providing stunning double-sided reflections on transparent surfaces. These films are suited for applications in exhibition stand construction, shop fitting, visual merchandising, interior design etc.

The printable metallic film is characterized by a special top coating that provides excellent print quality. Available in gold and silver, the film is characterized by a special top coating that provides excellent print results. It is ideal for exclusive decorations of signs, glass and other smooth surfaces and provides an outdoor durability of 3-5 years.

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