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Blue Rhine Web Summit 2021 - an Overview

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The GCC’s first and foremost B2B online marketplace,, successfully hosted the first season of Blue Rhine Web Summit 2021 on 18, 19 and 20 January, encompassing a series of informative Facebook and YouTube Lives on various topics.

The web summit aimed to create awareness among our customers and prospects about the latest technologies and products for the signage, advertising and construction industries, and to help them understand the science of signs.

It was a rendezvous with our product specialists who provided valuable insights on an array of topics and ideas in such a way to help our customers execute their projects cost-effectively and with a greater level of quality.

We received tremendous response from people and secured over 1,000 registrations for the entire series of live sessions that were attended by more than 5,000 people around the world.

The web summit started at 10 AM on Monday, January 18, 2021, with a welcome address by Mr. Anand V Joseph, Vice President Sales and Product Management, Blue Rhine General Trading, followed by his session - 10 years of Accuracy with 'Accurate' Laser.

Other speakers included Mr. Vishal, Ms. Pooja, Mr. Abhishek, Mr. Sathish, Mr. Pradeep and Mr. Prem, all are experts and experienced professionals in their respective fields. A wide variety of topics have been covered during their live sessions, comprising Printing Machines, LED Signage Lighting, Print Fabrics, Commercial Display Solutions and Print Vinyl and Acrylics, to name a few.

The 3-day Web Summit was wrapped up at 5.15 PM on Wednesday, 20 January with a spectacular raffle draw and winners announcement.

Following the enormous success of the event, we will be conducting more of such informative live sessions shortly.

You can watch all sessions here

  1. 10 years of Accuracy with 'Accurate' Laser - presented by Mr. Anand.
  2. LED us Introduce- Signage Lighting, presented by Mr. Vishal.
  3. Digital Screens for Educational & Office Presentations - presented by Ms. Pooja.
  4. Stickers for Sticky Situations - presented by Mr. Sathish.
  5. Aesthetics with Acrylics - presented by Mr. Pradeep.
  6. You-We-Printers (Session 1) - presented by Mr. Prem.
  7. Accurate Laser - Sharing Customers' Success, presented by Mr. Anand.
  8. LED Projects, Tests & Certifications - presented by Mr. Vishal.
  9. Streaming by Hotel Guests Made Safe & Easy with Philips - presented by Mr. Abhishek.
  10. Print Fabrics for a Greener Tomorrow - presented by Mr. Sathish.
  11. Specialty Polycarbonates for Windows, Walls & Roofs - presented by Mr. Pradeep.
  12. You-We-Printers (Session 2), presented by Mr. Prem.
  13. You-We-Printers (Session 3), presented by Mr. Prem.
  14. LED Drivers - Heart of Signs, presented by Mr. Vishal.
  15. LED Screens - Indoor Experience, presented by Ms. Pooja.
  16. Let Windows & Walls Speak – presented by Mr. Sathish.
  17. Design with Veralite PET – presented by Mr. Pradeep.
  18. Two Years of – presented by Mr. Anand and Raffle Draw & Winners Announcement.