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PETG from Foamalite is our new range of co-polyester sheets that offer excellent
solutions for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.
PETG sheets are highly transparent, lightweight and offer excellent impact
resistance at a wide range of temperatures. PETG is very easy to thermoform at
low temperatures with no pre-drying, which improves productivity while
reducing cycle times and energy costs.
PETG sheets are easy to print and fabricate while maintain strength and rigidity,
making it an ideal substrate for the advertising and signage industry. PETG with
their excellent mechanical properties, allow designers freedom of design to
create complicated shapes and display features in a more cost effective manner.

Advantages of Foamalite PETG
• Good printability
• Very easy thermoforming with fast cycle times
• Excellent impact resistance
• Low shrinkage after forming
• High light transmission
• Easy to fabricate and bond or glue
• Suitable for food contact and medical applications
• Freedom of design for complex, high definition parts
Standard PETG available ex-stock UAE
0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm & 3mm.
Size – 1250mm x 2050mm