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SABIC Innovative Plastics helps ENOC to create Soundwalls on the boundaries of Fuel Station.

SABIC Innovative Plastics helps ENOC to create Soundwalls on the boundaries of Fuel Station.

Achieving noise reduction by creating soundwalls with SABIC LEXAN EXELLD and SABIC Lexan Thermoclear sheets at Enoc Fuel station.

The launch of ENOC service station at Dubai Hills marks its 135th service network of service stations across the UAE. The service stations aim to bring further convenience to the communities living in Dubai. The new station is equipped with the latest technologies including Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on the roof the canopy, advanced Vapour Recovery System, next-gen fuel dispensers, and fully integrated digital wall displays. With this new service station, ENOC’s network now includes 18 solar-powered service stations and 23 service stations with smart displays. The service stations have been built as per global retail standards and are compliant with Dubai Municipality Green Building Regulations. According to the environmental noise criteria, any industrial premises or any mechanical equipment shall ensure that the emission of noise does not exceed a reasonable level, to protect the general public from excessive noise levels. Since the ENOC project is at the Dubai Hills neighborhood, the establishment must ensure that noise level, measured at the fence line should not exceed 70 dBA.  The material chosen to reduce the sound was varying combinations of LEXAN sheets including SABIC LEXAN EXELLD and SABIC Lexan Thermoclear sheets.


Creating a Sound Barrier on the fence walls of ENOC Fuel Station at Dubai Hills.

A suitable noise absorbing material to reduce reverberation was required around the fenced area. The material required for creating the sound walls ought to have good properties in flammability performance, impact resistance, stiffness, strength, and ease of processing.


Blue Rhine along with Eastern international LLC secured the contract to work with ENOC, against competitors and presented LEXAN Speciality sheets as a solution to be used for reducing noise.   A complete system was engineered to create the best environment possible with calculations successfully predicting to overcome noise level requirements to deliver greater comfort for residents in the neighborhood. Different variants of SABIC LEXAN brand polycarbonate sheets were used for testing. Sheets were placed into a slotted steel “U” Aluminium profile on top of the boundary wall. A noise measurement implementation was conducted to measure the authenticity of the calculation results. The Sound was created by a hand crank siren, which was measured by 2 calibrated handheld Decibel meters that were on either side of the barrier.  4 tests were conducted using varying combinations of LEXAN sheets at the site. The sheets used for testing include Thermoclear Multiwall 16mm, EXELLD 6mm, 2 Layer EXELLD 6mm and EXELLD 8mm. 2 readings were noted per combination and an average of the reading was considered as the final finding. The reduction in dB with LEXAN showed variations when compared to manufacturer datasheets, which was attributed to the mock test conditions. Taking the readings into account, single layer 8mm EXELLD was finalized by the ENOC.


The reduction in dB was closely observed since it was the main criterion for choosing the material.  The highest reduction of noise was noted in ExellD 8mm, which resulted in an overall noise reduction of 28.8dB. The lowest reduction of noise was noted in Thermoclear 16mm, which led to an overall reduction of 25.15dB. Considering these readings, ENOC confirmed 8mm Opal EXELLD sheets as the final product to be used for the Sound Barrier at 1076 Dubai Hills site.



The acoustic properties of Lexan ExellD Sheets have helped many projects worldwide. In sound wall and barrier applications, the Lexan polycarbonate sheet provides opportunities for highly effective, unobtrusive sound screens with large glazing panels. Wide design flexibility and ease of forming allow the sheets to be curved along the top edges, so eliminating the need for a supporting profile. This enhances sheet deflection and sound reflection while simplifying installation and widening the field of vision. Moreover, the sheet is durable, easy to move and deploy, and effective in all weather conditions.

Benefits of using Lexan sheet include:

  •         High impact resistance over a wide temperature range, helping to minimize the risk of damage by accidents or vandalism.
  •         Designed to reduce noise without detracting from the area’s aesthetics.
  •         Long-term UV protection on both sides, the Lexan sheet is highly resistant to yellowing and loss of performance due to weathering.
  •         Virtually no contribution to the spread of fire and the generation of toxic gases.
  •         Easy to transport and install on-site.