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Way Forward Day 1 - Sustainable Products

Way Forward Day 1

Way Forward Day 1

Way Forward was a product launch event conducted online on the 13th and 14th of October 2022. On the 1st day, the 13th of October, we unveiled a range of sustainable products that are fully recyclable and a logical alternative to their non-recyclable counterparts.

Taking care of the environment and being eco-friendly is everybody’s responsibility. How we do business and the product choices we make are shaping the future of the planet. All these products are made from sustainable materials by responsible manufacturers who prioritize using environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

The newly launched products include:

  • Desert Board
  • Intercoat PVC FREE Print Film in White Gloss
  • Concept® 250 Wall-Frog™ from General Formulations
  • Evergreen Print Media and Laminates