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Way Forward Day 2 - Printing, Cutting & Polishing Machines

Way Forward Day - Printing, Cutting & Polishing Machines

Way Forward Day 2

Way Forward was a product launch event conducted online on the 13th and 14th of October 2022. On the 2nd day, the 14th of October, we unveiled a variety of industrial machinery, consisting of advanced printing, cutting, polishing and routing machines for a broad range of industries and application areas.

This new line of machines can significantly improve your workflow and increase productivity while keeping you remain competitive in the market.

The newly launched machines include:

  • Accurate Laser E300 - Laser Cutting Machine
  • JWEI J-Cutter Pro - Large-Format Digital Cutting Machine
  • Accurate Polishing Machines - HB1000 and HB600 Models
  • JHF M3300 - New Generation UV Inkjet Hybrid printer