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Accurate Thermoforming Machine

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Product Specifications

Blue Rhine presents the Accurate Thermoforming machine for moulding acrylic, PetG & ABS. The models which support full sheet size to custom made ones, enable the customers to have their option. The full option machines have blowing, suction and pressing functions. This is best suitable for 3D letter making industry in the Middle East. It is a combined solution – a vacuum press and the heating oven. Construction of the press, including functions of two separate machines, greatly increases the moulding functionality.

Technical Specifications

Working Area (mm)2440×12201000×1000
Total Power (KW)2015
FunctionsPress, suction and blowingPress, suction and blowing
Max Press Forming Depth (mm)160160
Max Suction Forming Depth (mm)150150
Temperature DisplayDualDual
Max Blowing Forming Depth (mm)200200
Softening Oven Temperature (Degree C)Upto 250 degree CUpto 250 degree C
Max Press Pressure (T)4 Tonne4 Tonne
Voltage (V)380V / 50Hz / 3 Phase380V / 50Hz / 3 Phase
Machine Dimension3750x3150x2470 mm1400x2800x2470 mm
Weight980 Kg800 KG



A rotary vane type vacuum pump is used in the construction of the vacuum press with high capacity, providing a quick vacuum and requiring no special maintenance.
The pump provides high vacuum pressure for vacuum forming.


The heating oven has an independent temperature control. In the construction of the heating system unique heating elements are used providing an even and accurate heating of the material. Temperature controllers with PID regulation provide monitoring. Inertia is completely absent.