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Product Specifications

1-component solution adhesive, physically curing, thin-bodied

• For sheet material: Extruded (XT) acrylic sheet material
• Application: Quick and easy bonding, butt joints, very accurate fit required, no area bonding
• Typical application: Displays, store fixtures, mechanical engineering
• Gap-filling: No
• Appearance of bond: Slight bubble formation possible
• Weather-resistant: Yes
• Bond strength: Very good
• Comments: Optimized for capillary effect, can be used without applying pressure to bonded parts
• Initial bond in seconds: 30 – 90
• Time required before further processing in hours: > 3
• Viscosity mPA*s: 0.8
• Contains dichloromethane (suspected carcinogen): No
• UN number: 1133

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For making T-bonds and bonding narrow areas of all kinds of un-crosslinked PLEXIGLAS®, but also for other plastics such as PS, SBC, ABS, PVCu, CAB. ACRIFIX® 1S 0117 is not gap-filling. The bond is firm within a short time. Rapid further treatment possible. High ultimate strength. Conduct prior tests if necessary.