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Product Specifications

Capillary Activator

90% reduction of bubbles • Outstanding optical quality • Better flowing characteristics of adhesives • Activated capillarity lets the adhesive flow to areas far away from the gluing edges • Clean and evenly distributed adhesive.

Exact dosing with included pipette • Special exact-dosing nozzle for the pipette provides superior precision • Spray nozzle for quick and easy working • Low consumption • Very long shelf life – 3 years.

Laboratory Beaker

Temperature resistant up to 135°C • Volume scale from 50ml to 250ml • Made from PP • Material does not react with polymerization adhesives • Always reusable.

Dispenser Set

Economically dosing of non-aggressive media • Easy operation of all functional elements • Automatic intake manual dispensing • For use with all flasks with GL45-thread • Exact volume adjustment (catalyst) • All wear parts like piston and cylinder exchangeable without problems • Easy cleaning and maintenance • Economical as compared to high-end dispensers.

Rectangular Suction Unit

Fast rectangular fixing • No false work necessary • Parts adhere together directly • Diameter 55mm • Outer measurements 70mm x 70mm x 70mm • Maintenance-free.

Bottles for Adhesive

No more cost intensive cleaning • Precise dosing with extra fine dosing tip • Less dripping of adhesive while the adhesive is sucked back into the bottle • Easy disposal • Handily formed bottles • No danger of accidental punctures through flexible dosing tip • Less refilling bottle contains up to 110ml adhesive.

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