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Product Specifications

This digital-print-film in combination with the ASLAN MP 326 is especially designed for the use on rough surfaces in outdoor areas. It is perfect for short- and medium term applications on pavements or areas of rough stone or asphalt where the advertisement has to be removed after a short time residue-free. ASLAN guarantees a 6 months outdoor durability, depending on the mechanical exposure. ASLAN DFP 46 is printable with all common solvent, eco-/mild-solvent, latex and UV-hardened inks. The usage of the laminate ASLAN MP 326 together with the DFP 46 is absolutely essential.

The material is printable with solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curable and latex inks. To protect the print from wear and to increase the skid resistance, the print has to be laminated with the ASLAN MP 326.