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Aslan MP326 Anti skid floor lamination

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Product Specifications


• Face-film: Soft PVC
• Thickness: ~ 125 μm
• Adhesive: acrylic pressure adhesive square quantity: ~ 40 g/m² (waterproof)
• Release liner: silicon paper square weight: ~ 63 g/m²
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Available in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain.

This film is designed for the application as composite together with the outdoor floor graphics digital-print-film ASLAN DFP 46. It protects the print from mechanical abrasion and soiling.

ASLAN MP 326 has been approved by ASTM Friction Test D2047 for slip resistance and has also been certified R9 following DIN 51 130. The embossed anti-slip-structure has a slight reflection and secures a high skid resistance. The laminate is thus insurance certified against possible personal injuries caused by slipping on the film. Due to its good level of flatness it can be machine-cleaned.