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Corrugated Sheets are made from Impacy Co-polymer of Polypropylene. PP Flute Boards are tougher and lighter thus enabling saving on freight. Besides Cushioning effect, it has excellent Burst and Puncture resistance. Flute board is thermoplastic, hence it is waterproof and resistant to chemical and heat. It is vermin proof and not attacked by Fungus and termites.
Easy to process, cut, bend, stitch, staple, print and handle. Our PP corrugated sheets are highly suitable for flat UV printing and making POS stands.

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Available in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain.


• Light Weight
• Strong
• Waterproof
• Vermin proof
• Reusable
• Printable
• High Insulation
• Impact Resistant
• Puncture resistant
• Tearing Resistant

• High Strength Rigidity
• Chemically Inert
• Stunning Pleasing Colors
• Excellent Puncture Resistant
• Excellent Compression Strength
• Easy Workability
• Weather Resistant
• Non Toxic
• Washable