Design Composite

Product Specifications


Derived from the lamination technology in ski production the Austrian enterprise Design Composite GmbH produces and markets its premium composite panels by combining visual appeal with top quality.

These extremely lightweight and stiff PC/PMMA panels are available in various colours, cores, dimensions and surface layers and create unique design elements by their fascinating look. Advanced bonding technology opens a wide range of combinations of top quality cover sheets and innovative core designs. The cover sheets can be customized to many unique or bespoke colours. Professional daylight planning and artificial illumination can generate beautifully unique design and depth elements in the application of design composite to any space. A very unique product for stage applications is also available, allowing for superior stiffness and strength for safety, in addition to, beauty when illumination is provided from beneath the panels.

Various processing options like panel bending, edging,bended corners and panel filling and the choice of many cover sheet colours and customized dimensions provide the base for the development of large and extensive projects. The translucent composite panels are utilized for décor elements, partition walls, claddings, doors, ceilings, floors, shop fittings, exhibition stands, storefronts, design furniture and many more applications. Blue Rhine carries stock of seven unique colours and cores including stage material to meet the requirements of your upcoming projects. Get in touch with us to organize a presentation of Design Composite with samples, illumination options and suggestedapplications.