Design Panel

Product Specifications

INVISION is pure design. Organic materials, cool metal or mellow textiles, embedded in transparent plastic. The pre-requisite for this innovative material bonding is the special rolling technology developed by us. The numerous surface design possibilities and further processing of these top quality panels made from polyester (PETG) give you a considerable scope for your application.

NATURE– The varieties found in nature are our inspiration. All of our panels in our nature line are produced using original organic materials, so that their transient elegancy is permanently captured inside lasting plastic.

TECHNO– Metals are the theme of this product line. Cool gloss and unusual structures give the products a futuristic touch and make them innovative components of modern interior decoration.


Interesting variations are the result of combinations with a white background. Whenever the transparency effect is not desired or would not be useful – e. g. for wall panelling – a white background will intensify the colour of the inlays.

Design Panel is the synonym for various design solutions in the fields of architecture, interior design and exhibition stand construction as partners for architects, development engineers and designers.

The  core products are innovative surface materials and sophisticated light applications – many of which received design awards. With product series Invision, Lightpanel, Wavepanel, Iceplex and Aquaplex we are able to realise emotionally appealing and attractive design solutions. The combination between plastics and LED technology allows numerous variations of creative lighting design.