DOIT Vision – Matrix 500

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Product Specifications

The Innovative  new indoor LED panel from DOIT Vision – Matrix 500. It is available in 2.9 mm & 3.9 mm pixel pitch which makes it easily one of the highest resolution displays in the market today. Matrix 500 is easy to install and maintain which makes it a perfect choice  for  events, conferences, advertising & exhibitions.

Available pixel pitch : 2.9 mm & 3.9 mm

Cabinet Size : 500 x 500 mm


  • Superb alignment & flatness
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Front & back maintenance
  • Black LED, high contrast ratio, High refresh rate, no ghosting
  • Calibration memory in LED module
  • No AB module(no up and down direction installation)
  • Superb visual quality, zero-gap alignment
  • Magnetic front service (Screw optional)
  • Strengthen housing structure design, no deformation