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ELJO Double Side Foam Tape

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Product Specifications

ELJO Self-Adhesive Double Side Foam Tape

ELJO uses polyethylene foam as the carrier, coated with acrylic solvent adhesive on both sides. Excellent weatherability, impermeability, chemical resistance, buffer, sound absorbing and superior adhesion.

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Key Features

  • ELJO Double Side Foam tape is able to perform in uneven surfaces, ensuring a consistent bond throughout.
  • In automotive – door trim, trim strip, front trim, back trim, the threshold, rain gear, signs.
  • In construction – Glass bonding, doors, windows, metals.
  • Signage & Graphic Industry – mounting, PVC sheets, Acrylic sheets, Foam Boards

Technical specifications

  • Type of Adhesive: Acrylic Solvent
  • Total Thickness: 1500µ / 1.5mm
  • Backing Thickness: 30µ / 0.03mm
  • Carrier: Polyethylene Foam
  • Length: 30 mtr; widths available: 12 & 24 mm

Available in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain.