Faux Concrete Wall Panels

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Product Specifications

Faux Concrete wall panels looks like casted stone, ideal for any environment and gives a completely different look to the place. It’s easy to install, which means you can achieve the chic, modern appeal of poured concrete walls without any of the mixing, drying or heavy lifting. Since These panels provide a realistic imitation of natural stone, therefore widely recommended for creating amazingly realistic environments, at a fraction of the cost of traditional building materials.

Concrete wall panels are engineered to an exceptionally high standard and are available in 4 variants. The faux concrete panel is lightweight and is designed with ease of installation in mind for contractors, professional designers or DIY home owners. The panels have been tested in every climate and come with a 15 years warranty against color fading.

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Size : 1200 x 600 x 20 mm

Application : Recommended for interior and exterior wall cladding

Application Area : Hospitality, Commercial, Retail, Residential and Leisure

Water Resistance : Unaffected by moisture

Weather Resistance : Excellent Weather resistance, anti corrosion, soundproof, formaldehyde & asbestos free, UV Resistance & Earthquake resistance