General Formulations Rough Mark

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Product Specifications

General Formulations Rough Mark 285 can be used in applications where a conformable removable vinyl is desired. This film conforms well with controlled heat and features clean removability from a variety of moderately textured substrates including brick, block, and concrete surfaces (vertical application only). If a high gloss finish is desired, it is recommended to use GF 242 gloss clear cast laminate.
NOTE: If applied to a painted surface the paint must bond tightly to the substrate. Test all applications prior to use. Not designed for coated/ sealed/ treated stainless steel, brass or bronze surfaces.


  • Role Size        -       1.37 x 50
  • Durability      -       6 Months
  • Thickness      -       90 Microns
  • Temperature Ranges: Minimum application temperature   +4,4°Celsius                                                        Service temperature                                 -40°C to +93°C