Hexalite LED Panels

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Product Specifications

The Hexalite LED Panels offers a perfect solution for architectural lighting applications and backlit slim lightboxes. The LEDs are soldered in a hexagonal pattern to focus the light evenly at 5cm distance, an effective distance for bright and uniform lighting. The robust design provides a longer lifetime of about 50,000 hours of continuous use. The panels are made with unique material that is light weight, strong and slim.  The Hexalite LED Panels can also be easily interconnected to virtually any size and shape.


  • The Hexalite modular LEDs have an angle of 120ᴼ and focus the light evenly at about 5cm, giving bright even light throughout.
  • The terminal power connectors allow to interconnect 6 different Hexalite panels for extending the size as per the client’s need.
  • Light weight components contribute to low shipping costs.
  • Cool white LED colour
  • Longer lifetime of about 50,000 hours of continuous use.



CodeSize (W X H)LED TypeInput VoltagePower ConsumptionLED





Per panel.

LED-HLP-A-30X30300mm  x 300mmSMD283524V12 W96IP201248 lumen
LED-HLP-B-7.5X3075mm x 300mmSMD283524V3 W24IP20312 lumen
LED-HLP-C-7.5X3075mm x 300mmSMD283524V3 W24IP20312 lumen
LED-HLP-D-30X7.5300mm  x 75mmSMD283524V3 W24IP20312 lumen
LED-HLP-E-7.5X7.575mm x 75mmSMD283524V0.8 W6IP2078 lumen
LED-HLP-F-7.5X7.575mm x 75mmSMD283524V0.8 W6IP2078 lumen