Lexan – F2000

Available in:

Product Specifications

• Light weight
• Excellent formability
• Excellent fabrication capabilities
• Superior Impact Resistance
• Available in transparent and translucent
• High impact resistance
• Fire resistant


Complies with Flame Smoke and Toxicity performance:

• German DIN 5510: S4 SR2 ST2 norm at 3 mm
• French NF16101: M2F2 (F1*) norm at 2 – 8 mm
• European CEN/TS 45545 R4 Lighting norm at 2 – 4 mm

LEXAN™F2000 sheet is a flame resistant transparent polycarbonate sheet. In addition to good flammability performance, it offers excellent impact resistance, high optical quality, good stiffness and strength and ease of processing, making it an excellent candidate for a wide variety of applications in the electrical, electronic, and transportation, building and construction industries.