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DESCRIPTION LEXAN™ EXELL™ D sheet is a transparent polycarbonate sheet with proprietary UV protection on both sides offering excellent weathering properties. With its excellent impact resistance it is a good candidate for a wide variety of building and construction applications. LEXAN EXELL D sheet can be easily cold formed into gentle curves which makes it a good material choice for skylights, covered walkways, barrel vaults etc. LEXAN EXELL D sheet is thermoformable and can be thermoformed into the desired geometry whilst retaining the UV resistant protection specially developed for weather resistant applications.

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ExellD (Standard Polycarbonate):

UV-resistant surfaces available for overhead and vertical glazing applications. ExellD has two side UV resistant surfaces in gauges upto 15 mm. A 10 year limited warranty* against breakage, yellowing, and loss of light transmission. The material is tested and passed against various norms like DIN4102, ABG and BS476. Available in Clear and Opal.

For other available colors and MOQS, please check with your respective Area Managers