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Product Specifications

Physical forms of PLEXIGLAS® tubes

PLEXIGLAS® XT tubes: 33 diameters from 5 to 500 mm
PLEXIGLAS® Satin Ice tubes: 8 diameters from 50 to 200 mm

Physical forms of PLEXIGLAS® rods

PLEXIGLAS® XT round rods: 16 diameters from 2 to 60 mm
PLEXIGLAS® GS round rods: 13 diameters from 15 to 100 mm
PLEXIGLAS® GS square rods: 4 thicknesses/widths from 10/10 up to 50/50 mm
PLEXIGLAS® LED (Enlighten T) round rods: 3 diameters: 8, 20, 40 mm

ACRYLITE® Acrylic Rods and Tubes deliver superior performance and extended durability. They provide exceptional clarity and optical brilliance at a price point suitable for a broad spectrum of lighting, P-O-P and food applications. Both rods and tubes are available in a smooth jewel-like finish and tubes are also available in frosted ACRYLITE Satin Ice finish.

The superior quality and clarity offered by our ACRYLITE Rods and Tubes also applies to our large range of complimentary ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet products which are available in a variety of sizes and thickness.