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Product Specifications

• Size: 2050 mm X 3050 mm
• Thickness: 3 mm



• Durable Matte Surface
• Weatherable for outdoor applications
• Easily formed and fabricated.
• Excellent diffusion properties

Dual color BLACK/WHITE acrylic sheet appears dark during the day and with little backlighting, glows white at night. The unique attribute is possible due to a special pigment formulation that yields 10 -19 % light transmittance when backlit, yet appears dark and opaque without backlighting. The amount of light transmission can be adjusted by varying the percentage of pigment in the acrylic so that transmission is the same for all thickness.

Black and white sheet performs well with LED’s, neon, fluorescent incandescent lighting. These features, along with its durable matte surface, make Black/White sheets a bright choice for channel letters and sign faces.