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Product Specifications

Available lengths2000mm X 7000mm
Light TransmittanceWhite WZ007     ca.20%
Total energy transmissionNo Drop     ca.25%
U-value2,5 w/m2R
Coefficient of Linear thermal expansion0,09 m/moc
Possible expansion due to heat & moistureca.6mm/m
Maximum permanent service temperature without load70oC
Weighted sound reduction index (estimated)24 dB
Maximum permissible cold curving variation2,400 mm


Plexiglas HEATSTOP is a new translucent grade of Polymethyl Methacrylate for roof glazing. It reflects a large proportion of incident solar energy due to its unique permanent coating. The material’s good light transmission and excellent light diffusion ensure uniform lighting indoors.

Applications: Light Domes, Conservatories, Barrel Vaults, Bus Shelters, Strip Lighting.