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Product Specifications

Dimensions: 0,25 kg/ml (TS GRIPP)
• 0,108 kg/ml (TS KEY)
• Bar 3050 mm

Associated parts: All the TS range of profile
• Rubber / soft-impact mallet
• GRIPP cutter

Standard: Strength statement available

• All tensioning applications on TS range
• Inside and outside use
• Banner tension from 350 g/m² to 650 g/m²
• Very strong against tearing
• Finishing aluminium part with the TS KEY


• White M1 PVC (TS GRIPP)
• Natural aluminium (TS KEY) or anodized aluminium (TS KEY) or thermo lacquered RAL 9010 (TS KEY)

  • TS KEY represents 3 main innovations in the field of permanent tension banners:• It makes the PVC GRIPP keeps its tightened position inside the aluminium channel, which gives exceptional résistance to tearing.
    • It protects PVC GRIPP from external pollution (such as U.V.) Thus the GRIPP material is not damaged and it cannot dislodge from the channel.
    • The combination of the TS KEY + GRIPP gives a perfect finish to the product (several kinds of finishes are available: natural, anodized, lacquered RAL 9010, or lacquering RAL on request).