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Always targeting innovation and new markets expectations, PROFIL TS launches its new Gripp, the Soltto Gripp, specially designed to stretch light textiles. Thanks to its knowledge within tensioning banner system, PROFIL TS offers a new solution for all kinds of fabrics: Coated polyester, Heat-shrinkable PVC banner (flame retardent) brushed cotton and other low weight fabrics for lighter applications respectful of the environment.
The Soltto Gripp is compatible with the entire range of TS profiles. Soltto Gripp is easy to use as the first PVC Gripp version, the only difference is in the integration of the textile fabric in the groove of Soltto Gripp, using a stainless steel spatula, not a mallet. Available in tiles or kit, build your own textile projects from floor to ceiling.

As part of its continuous innovation policy and of its technology adaptation to the textile industry, PROFIL TS launches a new PVC GRIPP, the SOLTTO GRIPP 2.
To prove and guarantee SOLTTO GRIPP 2 efficiency and performance, many tests have been made on various type of textile banners.
Nowadays, banner made with fabric are known to offer lighter realization and are more ecological.

SOLTTO GRIPP 2 is adapted to the TS range aluminium profiles, and textile is inserted inside the SOLTTO GRIPP 2 channel with stainless steel spatula which differs from the TS GRIPP.