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RX II Series Plotter from GCC

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Product Specifications

RX II series cutting plotter is a top notch cutting plotter for professional sign makers. The RX II series cutting plotter is equipped with the all-new AAS function, Ethernet connection and backlight LCM which can facilitate the completion of different cutting jobs. With advanced functions, high accuracy and solid reliability, RX II series cutting plotters deliver more than your expectation. The user-friendly design allows users to operate the machine effortlessly.


• Multiple pressure setting pinch rollers
• Advanced driver function
• Auto cut off function
• Ethernet Connection
• Enhanced AAS II
• Touch Key Panel & Backlit LCM
• Section cutting
• 10 meter tracking guaranteed
• Triple port, including USB, RS232 and Ethernet
• Up to 600 grams cutting force
• Up to 1530mm (60”) per second cutting speed
• Can work with up to 0.8 mm (0.03”) thick material