About Acrylic:

Acrylic is 50% lighter in weight as compared to glass and 10 times impact resistant, also gives better transparency. The polymers in it are synthetic materials which are formed by chemical reaction between a monomer and a catalyst. Acrylic sheets are used for displays, signage, furniture, structural glazing, light domes, caravan windows and for many other applications.

What Bluerhine Offers:

As an Acrylic Sheet Supplier in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman & Bahrain, Blue Rhine ensures quality acrylic products from reliable and well-known manufacturers, which maintain their optical properties for several years. We offer huge range of cast and extruded sheets from brands like Plexigalss, Yearlong, Plaskolite & AstariGlas, which are suitable for construction and signage industries. Acrylic is safer, cost effective and can be molded in different shapes based on the requirement. It can be tinted, colored, mirrored and can be made opaque. Different Coatings can be applied on the sheet making it scratch resistance, glare reduction, anti-fogging, and solar reflective.

ASTARIGLAS® Cast Acrylic

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PLEXIGLAS - Cast Acrylic

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YEARLONG- Cast Acrylic

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