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Adhesive Tapes - other products


Eljo offers a range of self-adhesive double-sided foam tapes and clear tapes, ideal for various applications. These tapes provide strong adhesion and are perfect for mounting, bonding, and securing materials in both industrial and household settings.


Whether you need to attach lightweight objects or create a durable seal, Eljo's high-quality tapes deliver reliable performance and versatility. Our role as a leading double-sided foam tape distributor in the UAE ensures that we provide top-tier adhesive solutions for a wide range of applications.

Double-Sided Self-Adhesive Foam Tapes:

Double-sided self-adhesive foam tapes are widely used in the automotive industry for applications such as door trim, trim strips, front and back trim, thresholds, rain gear, and signs. In construction, they are ideal for glass bonding, doors, windows, and metals, while in the signage and graphic industry, they are perfect for mounting PVC sheets, acrylic sheets, and foam boards.

Double Side Self-Adhesive Clear Tapes:

Double-sided self-adhesive clear tapes are ideal for mounting, laminating, packaging, splicing, and general bonding, as well as providing floor protection during projects. These tapes adhere effectively to polypropylene, polyethylene, foams, and polyester, delivering excellent performance with high tack, good thermal stability, and suitability for die-cutting applications.


Double-Sided Self-Adhesive Foam Tape:

Double-sided self-adhesive foam tapes offer remarkable versatility, seamlessly adhering to uneven surfaces while maintaining a consistent bond. Featuring a highly conformable PE foam backing and tackified acrylic adhesive, these tapes provide high immediate adhesion across a diverse range of substrates.

Moreover, they effectively compensate for the changing thermal expansions of dissimilar materials, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance in various applications.

Double Side Self-Adhesive Clear Tape:

Double-sided self-adhesive clear tapes offer unparalleled performance tailored to each specific application, guaranteeing instant adhesion even on challenging surfaces. With Eljo clear tape, product usability is immediate after assembly, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

Furthermore, these tapes provide reliable bonding in demanding conditions, including extreme temperatures, LSE substrates, or high-stress environments, making them indispensable for a wide range of applications.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Being one of the best adhesive tapes and glues suppliers in Dubai, UAE, and across the GCC region, we offer Eljo tapes in a variety of types and sizes to meet all your bonding and sealing needs. As a leading double-sided foam tape distributor in the UAE, we ensure high-quality bonding products for diverse applications.