UV Glue

About UV-Glue:

Adhesives are used to bond substrates with adhesion and cohesion.  UV- glue is a superior bonding method, it is a polymer, rather than a glue. UV Glue is the perfect adhesive that meets your requirements whether it is strength, flexibility, viscosity or sustainability.

Uses: -

Blue Rhine introduces 9023, a photo-curing adhesive designed for the bonding of ABS, HIPS, PS, PC, PVC and Acrylate etc.


Showing perfect adhesion strength, 9023 is an excellent photo-curing adhesive especially for UV-cut acrylate and PC. The adhesion strength of 9023 is stronger than the original materials. 9023 has toughness, shock resistance and thermal shock resistance.

What Blue Rhine offers: -

As a distributor of UV Glue, Blue Rhine introduces 9023 shows excellent surface dryness and transparency after curing. 9023 exhibits high adhesion strength. 9023 can solve the problem of bonding to plastics. The UV Glue is available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain.


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