Magnetic Profiles

About Magnetic profiles:

Standard length of the Magnetic profile is 3 meters, which is a slim light frame. Small semi circles are cut on the groove of the profile, giving it a provision to place the magnet. These semicircles hold the magnets firmly from sliding down, when the light box is erected. More number of magnets is recommended depending on the size of the box. LED Rigid Bar is placed on the inner sides of the Profile, on any two longer sides or on all 4 sides of the Profile, depending on the brightness needed. In the Magnetic profiles, the graphics can be changed by removing the top Acrylic sheet with the help of a suction cup.


The magnetic profiles are Single side illuminated, frame less, very slim LED light boxes can be made, which provide much energy saving than traditional light box. The magnetic profiles are Easy to fabricate install & maintain.

What Blue Rhine offers:

The magnetic profiles are available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain.


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