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X-shaped banner stands are a type of display stand used to showcase banners or graphics in a freestanding manner. The stand is designed with an X-shaped frame made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or fiberglass. The banners are typically attached to the frame with grommets or hooks, which hold the banner taut and in place.


X-shaped banner stands are commonly used for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and events where portability and ease of setup are important factors.


Featuring vibrantly printed banners, these x-shaped banner stands can be customized as per the varied client needs. The X-shaped frame provides a stable base for the banner, ensuring that it remains upright and visible throughout the event.

The lightweight stands fit in any compact space and can be transported in carry bags effortlessly. They are also cost-effective when compared to roll-up stands.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

We offer a range of X-shaped banner stands in various sizes and materials to suit your specific needs. These stands support graphic dimensions of 60 cm (W) x 160 cm (H), 120cm (W) x 200 cm(H), 120cm (W) x 200 cm (H) and more. The full range is available in our stores located throughout the GCC, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

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