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Color Vinyl - other products


R-Tape offers premium application papers and films, renowned for their superior lamination, transfer, and installation quality. These products guarantee seamless application and durability, making them ideal for various signage and graphics applications.


R-TAPE Application Tape boasts a high-tack rubber adhesive, perfect for small-sized cut graphics and hard-to-lift vinyl. Featuring the original Conform application tape with RLA® (Release Liner Adhesion) technology, it ensures smooth adherence to slick release liners, preventing "dog-earing" and sticking. Ideal for general-purpose sign applications, decals, banners, wall graphics, and more, R-TAPE Paper Application Tape is a versatile and reliable choice.


R-TAPE Application Tape keeps graphics neat and clean, even when rolled, making it an excellent choice for crafters and sign makers. It always lays flat with no edge curling, wrinkling, or tunneling, preventing adhesive balls, gapping between layers, or crushed edges. R-TAPE works in both wet and dry applications, ensuring adhesive does not build up on stored graphics.

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