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Fujifilm offers an extensive range of high-quality, high-impact digital printing machines that deliver outstanding image quality with high productivity. These display graphic systems are powered by Fujifilm’s leading printhead and ink technologies, offering customers higher-value print solutions.


Combined with Fujifilm’s high-grade inks, the Acuity series UV digital printers offer the power to transform interiors with dazzling printed interior graphical decor and architectural elements.

Whether it’s to design an alluring artisan aesthetic for a shop or restaurant, a smooth, glossy and sophisticated finish for a cutting-edge office space or hotel, or to transform a retail space to enhance the customer experience, Fujifilm Acuity printers are a perfect choice.


The Fujifilm Acuity series of printers use specialist ink types that are ideal for producing a broad spectrum of printed material for indoor use. The technology inside the Acuity series is dynamic, reliable and world-class.

Integrating high-performance inks, the technology produces strong and vibrant images on various substrates. Also, the Acuity series printers are GREENGUARD and AgBB certified.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Being the official distributor of Fujifilm in the GCC region, we offer multiple ranges of UV printers through our stores throughout the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.