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Eco-friendly or sustainable products are a logical alternative to their traditional counterparts. Our green product offerings include eco-friendly paper boards, Oriented Strand Boards (OSB), recyclable cast acrylic sheets, and sustainable printable films that are ideal for use in a variety of applications.


Our range of eco-friendly products is ideal for use in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including signage, POP displays, window displays, roofing, ceiling, wall cladding, etc.


Using eco-friendly products offers several advantages. Firstly, it helps to reduce environmental impact by using materials that are less harmful to the planet. Secondly, eco-friendly products can improve brand reputation by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental practices.

They can appeal to consumers who are increasingly concerned about the impact of their purchases on the environment. Finally, using eco-friendly products can help to save costs in the long run by reducing waste and promoting the more efficient use of resources.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

We offer a broad array of eco-friendly products that are widely used in various applications in print media, construction, interior decoration and many other industries. Our green product portfolio includes Desert Board, Evergreen range of print films, ASTARIGLAS® ECO CAST, and Oppboga Excellent™ paper boards.

The whole range is available in our stores located throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

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