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Blue Rhine provides high-quality light boxes from RhineDisplay that feature the illuminated displays technology. They are the perfect choice for lighting up any marketing campaign and in-store visual merchandising.

These lumistar magnetic frame light boxes are popular in our product range due to their superior brightness, contemporary style and classic appearance. The entire front face of the illuminated light box is an acrylic sheet running edge to edge of the frame.


Brighten up by LED and fluorescent tubes, these visual merchandising light boxes are ideal for use in places like retail outlets, restaurants, automobile sector displays, malls, banks, airports, railway stations, bus stations, elevators, kiosks, and also in homes for photo framing.


Light boxes are generally very light in weight and it is easy to change pictures. Featuring right angle anodized aluminium profiles, these light boxes offer an elegant and timeless look. Electronic ballasts and imported luminaires are used in the light box for the longevity of more than 30,000 hours, conserving energy.

What Blue Rhine Offers?

Blue Rhine is the leading distributor of LED Light Boxes of many prestigious brands, including RhineDisplay, and a complete range of raw material solutions in the GCC. We offer an extensive range of wall mounting, ceiling hanging and floor standing light boxes through our stores located throughout the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

You can also purchase online through our e-commerce platform – bluerhine.store. Shop online for our lowest prices. It’s Simpler, Faster and Smarter!