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Blue Rhine introduces robust and intuitively engineered highly reliable cutting and finishing machines. Blue Rhine, in association with Blackman & White UK launches Versa Tech brand of Flatbed cutters in Middle East. Versa Tech Flat Bed cutter is designed and manufactured in the UK, with an enviable wealth of in-house expertise from the last 45 years.

The digital cutting & finishing machine of JWEI CB 03-II series has high precision, used especially for cutting shapes like small circle. This Flatbed Cutter has an integrated cable layout and single head guard. JWEI Flatbed Cutter can be used to cut all kinds of sheets like corrugated, paperboard, honeycomb board, plastics including KT Board, PVC expansion sheet, solid PVC Board, acrylic etc. checkout the all new range of cutting and finished machines brought to you by Blue Rhine.

What Blue Rhine offers

We supply JWEI & Versatech digital cutting & finishing machines in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain.

JWEI Flatbed Cutter

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