Blue Rhine provides a range of laminators, also known as laminating machines, from popular brands like Rhine Lam, that can fulfill most of your laminating requirements accurately and cost-effectively.


These high-quality laminators are used for applying the film to various materials that include copper, brass, stainless steel and printed circuit boards (PCBs). A dry film laminator can apply a thin film of dry photoresist film to the PCB or apply dry film to brass or steel for metal etching applications.


Featuring a laser safety system, these laminators offer cost-efficiency, high-speed lamination, avoiding bubbles and snowflakes, and providing maximum precision.

What Blue Rhine Offers:

Being the sole distributor of Rhine Lam in the GCC, Blue Rhine offers a wide range of laminating machines through its stores located throughout the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

Laminator RL1600EIT

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